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Regional team goes nuts after getting drawn against Sporting CP in Portuguese Cup

The players for the fifth tier Portuguese club Olivais e Moscavide had an awesome reaction when it was revealed they would play giants Sporting Portugal in the next round of the Portuguese Cup competition.

The tournament known as Taça de Portugal is the annual knockout tournament in the country open to professional and amateur clubs. Moscavide, who play in a regional league in the fifth tier, have progressed to the third round of the tournament and will get to play one of the big boys.

Here was their reaction.

Sporting Portugal draw reaction from Moscavide players

While they will most likely get obliterated, it presents a unique opportunity for the Moscavide players to face one of the best teams in the country. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sporting have won the competition 17 times and most recently in 2019. Sporting, Porto and Benfica make up the big three in Portugal. 

Sporting play their home games at the Estádio José Alvalade which can hold over 50,000 people. Moscavide will host the third round match vs. Sporting at the Estádio Alfredo Marques Augusto which holds all of 2,730 people.

It truly will be a David vs. Goliath matchup and the Moscavide players look ready to relish the opportunity.

The game will take place Sunday, Oct. 22.

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