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Ranking The Top 10 Worst 2020-21 Premier League Kits

I can’t be the only one who believes that the new Premier League kits for the upcoming season were a majority of flops. Perhaps I need to give them more time to grow on me. Either way I heed this warning to those who dare to continue scrolling: your eyes will soon transform into blazing infernos when thou gaze upon the 10 worst new Premier League kits.

Top 10 Worst New Premier League Kits

10. Burnley/West Ham Home Kits

Let’s be real here, this is the same damn kit. I know the jerseys are similar every year, and each time it gets on my nerves. They really said, “Yeah you can copy my homework but don’t make it look exactly the same.”

9. Leeds United

There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with Leeds’ new look, but there isn’t too much to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over. It’s an all-white shirt with an obnoxiously large sponsor that no one has ever heard of. You’ll be walking down the grocery store aisle and some curious person will ask you what an ‘S Bot Top’ is and you’ll be just as clueless.

8. Crystal Palace

A real step back for Crystal Palace after having a stunning kit last season. The diagonal stripe looks fantastic when done right. This year the decision was no more diagonal and more of whatever the hell this is. Palace will look like the Walmart version of PSG next season.

7. Wolverhampton Away Kits

I don’t need to write anything to explain how I feel. I only need to show you this picture:

Worst new Premier League kits 2020-21

6. Arsenal Away Kits

Arsenal may have won the Community Shield flaunting this look, but someone on Twitter pointed out why the kit looks so familiar.

5. Manchester City Home Kits

They really went for it with this one and the designers at least get credit for trying. There will be another team on this list further down that gave no effort. The people of Twitter were quick with City’s jersey too. The pool look just didn’t quite work.

4. Chelsea

As a proud owner of over 15 Chelsea kits dating back to 2008 I am horrified with the latest edition. Is it the abhorrently large ‘3?’ The away kits looking like pajamas? All of the above? It’s a damn shame that all of the top-tier talent joining Chelsea this season will be wearing such a goofy kit. I miss the days of the Blues being sponsored by Samsung.

3. Newcastle

Remember the team that I mentioned that gave no effort? It’s Newcastle.

Kits are like Goldilocks mooching porridge off three other mammals. The kits might be too hot (tried too much and it looks ugly) or they are too cold (bland and no effort). Newcastle managed to find absolute zero. Buying a Newcastle jersey must feel the same as having the school lunch lady slap some gray slop on your tray and telling you to move it.

2. Liverpool Away Kits

Never mind, this is the color of the slop that the lunch lady dribbles onto your tray. Nike’s first-ever Liverpool kits consisted of a classy looking home kit and then going on an acid trip for the away look. At least we can marvel at what will be worn at Anfield.

1. West Brom Away Kits

I’d rather stare at the sun than look at these abominations. At least after losing my vison to the big ball of gas I won’t have to see what looks like the remains of Kermit the Frog after taking a full-speed 18-wheeler to the face. These are without a doubt the worst new Premier League kits.

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