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Raheem Sterling Reveals The Origin Of His Weird Running Style

Raheem Sterling is currently enjoying his best season as a professional, having already scored more goals this year (19) than any season in his career. Despite the 23-year-old’s breakout success, which includes 14 goals in 22 Premier League appearances, one question remains — one that anyone who has seen Raheem Sterling running has asked. What the hell is he doing with his arms?

Well, we finally have an answer, and it has to do with his mom. 

Sterling is one of the quickest players in the Premier League but his running style is a bit, shall we say, awkward. Instead of swinging his arms in stride like a normal person, he makes these strange T-Rex movements, keeping his forearms up and wrists out. It’s almost as if he’s trying to run like Velma from Scoody Doo.

Raheem Sterling running is so identifiable that Eden Hazard was caught mocking the Manchester City winger during warmups recently.

So why is it that Sterling looks so damn goofy while still being one of the fastest forwards around? Turns out, it’s how his mom used to run.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, Sterling said his mom recently showed him a video of her running at Sterling’s little brother’s sports day. The former Jamaican track athlete won the race, but more importantly the video shed light on why Sterling runs so unorthodoxly. 

"I’ve seen the movements, and I said ‘OK, that’s where I got it from,'" Sterling said. "I’d never seen her run before."

Raheem Sterling Running

Raheem Sterling running weird, scoring goals. Photo: @Maanjrr | Twitter

So we can all blame Momma Sterling the next time we see Raheem Sterling running in his trademark style. Fortunately, Sterling won’t be opening any running schools anytime soon.

"I don’t think my running technique is anything to be passed on," Sterling said.

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