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Patrice Evra Probably Just Got Salmonella Because He Just Loves Thanksgiving So Much

Anyone who follows The18 knows Patrice Evra is a must-follow on Instagram. But this Patrice Evra Thanksgiving post takes things to a new level, for better or worse.

For those who have already forgotten, Evra was once one of the best left backs in the world, appearing nearly 400 times with Manchester United and about 80 more with both Juventus and the French national team. He hasn’t played since making five appearances with West Ham last season, so he’s got a lot of time on his hands.

Some of that time has been spent positively, working out by pulling Jeeps because I guess that’s a Juventus sponsor? Some of it has been less constructive, like explaining why he took a shit in Gerard Pique’s shoes. And some of it has been downright weird, like swimming with pigs.

Evra’s Instagram post Wednesday falls squarely into the weird category.

To show his excitement for Thanksgiving, the most American of holidays in that all you do is eat, Evra posted the following video, where he gets a little raw with a chicken (presumably there were no turkeys around).

(A word of warning, the following video could be considered NSFW because Evra gets a little raunchy with the “turkey.”)

First of all, what the fuck was that?

Second of all, has Patrice Evra never heard of salmonella?

Apparently, he has not. Soon after this was posted, Evra made an IG Stories post in which he talked about kissing the chicken, not realizing he could get sick. 

Patrice Evra Thanksgiving

Photo: @patrice.evra | Instagram

Evra, while admitting his chicken video was weird, also called out the haters for being negative and vegans for being boring. 

Happy Thanksgiving?

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