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5 Things Millennial And Gen Z Soccer Players Have In Common – And 5 Things They Absolutely Don't

The soccer landscape has seen some major changes over the past couple decades. A Millennial reflecting on their soccer days will have some entirely different stories than a kid playing soccer today.

Here are some of those similarities between what a Millennial player and what someone from Gen Z playing today might experience. 

Similarities Between Millennial And Gen Z Soccer Players

The Feeling Of Scoring A Goal

It’s a feeling that never gets old and one you can’t forget. Reeling away in celebration as a horde of your teammates chase after you is an indescribable feeling almost any soccer player can relate to (sorry goalkeepers).

Halftime Snacks

The love for a good snack at halftime can’t be underestimated. When a recharge is needed some peanut butter is just what a soccer player could use, regardless of generation.

Smelly Cleats

The three guarantees in life: death, taxes and having to figure out what to do with your cleats after a game. Every generation of soccer players must overcome the great obstacle of stinky cleats. Whether you leave them outside, stuff them in a bag or let them stink up the whole house it’s a problem every soccer player can relate to.

Road Trips With Teammates

Being packed into a car with your closest friends and teammates is a bond unlike any other. Carpooling will never fade and whether it’s a 15-minute drive to practice or a four-hour drive across the entire state, laughs and fun are guaranteed.

While there may be a handful of similarities between the two generations, there are a few discrepancies too. Here are a few soccer topics that Gen Z and Millennials do quite differently.

Differences Between Millennial And Gen Z Soccer Players

Pre-Game Tunes

Millennial: If you wanted that one specific song to get excited before the big game the options were limited. Perhaps you came prepared for the drive and burned a CD with your favorite tunes to play in the car. The radio was always a back-up plan too. If you were really cool you had a portable music device with about five songs on it and some earbuds that survived three bouts with the washing machine.

Gen Z: Finding the perfect song is more about scrolling through playlists rather than finding a way to listen. With the noise-canceling earbuds and various streaming apps for music there’s nothing preventing you from getting the hype you need.

Directions To The Game

Millennial: Where is this field again? Where are you exactly? Here look at the directions you printed out ahead of time to find the place. The GPS is spotty anyway, can’t be trusting that when the directions were printed out before you left.

Gen Z: “Hey phone, show me directions to 101 Youth Soccer Fields.”


Millennial: True old-timers remember the ultra-baggy shirts. The shirt may as well have been a giant plastic bag. The cleats? Don’t even know what brand these are, they're just all black and you’ve had them for the past three seasons.

Gen Z: Technology has come a far way which is why you have the newest, lightest cleats that give you the best advantage. Those playing at a high level wear an extra bib that tracks all their stats, speed, heart rate and just about everything else.

Social Media

Millennial: Can’t wait to tell my friend about today’s game on AOL® Instant Messenger™! Also, does anyone know if there’s still practice today? Better make some calls.

Gen Z: Each game comes with about four “Game Day!” stories and then a post of a picture with the team is a must. If you don’t have a minimum of seven teammates commenting fire emojis, did you even post? Checking social media for any important updates is a huge bonus.

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