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After laughing at some poor guy in the gym, Mudryk is quickly served poetic justice

On the one hand, Mykhaylo Mudryk deserves sympathy. The 22-year-old has only played 15 Premier League games (for a completely dysfunctional team) and deserves much more patience (which he'll get because he cost $107 million) despite failing to score a goal for Chelsea.

On the other hand, Mudryk deserves zero sympathy — at least for one day — after committing the cardinal sin of gym-goers everywhere: mocking someone for trying to make themselves better, indiscreetly filming them and posting it online to millions of eye balls.

Joey Swoll rightfully put Mudryk on blast for it.

If I were Chelsea interim boss Frank Lampard, I wouldn't have even included him in Thursday's matchday squad for a trip to Manchester United. Or maybe I would've allowed him on the bus, but then when we got to Old Trafford I would've told him to stay seated, handed him an iPad with the Joey Swoll video and forced him to watch it over and over for the entirety of the match.

That's how much I believe in the idea of people putting in work at the gym in a totally judgement free zone. It's important. 

Lampard, however, is a dead man walking and put Mudryk directly in the starting lineup. But I'm glad he did because now we can all laugh at his latest performance for Chelsea, which lasted 64 minutes and ended in a 4-1 defeat.

Mudryk should've put Chelsea ahead early but completely failed with a shot attempt.  

And how's this for a bit of control? 

Doesn't feel so good having these videos on the interent, does it? That's what you get.

Now everything's even — feel free to return to being the insanely entertaining winger you were at Shakhtar Donetsk.

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