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No One Is Handling Social Distancing Better Than Michelle Akers

I’ll be honest. I’m loving this social distancing thing. People are nauseating and the less I have to go into public the better. My pajama pants are melding to my body. 

But not everyone is having the same experience. Some people can’t stand being cooped up all day.

Michelle Akers falls firmly into the former category. She is handling quarantine like she handled everything else during her playing career: Like an absolute boss.

Akers is arguably the most dominant player in the history of soccer. The FIFA Player of the Century and a two-time winner of both the Women’s World Cup and Olympics overcame countless injuries to help Team USA prevail at any cost. 

It’s no surprise she’s taking social distancing in stride, if her Instagram feed is anything to go by.

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This is gonna be more fun than I thought #socialdistancing 

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Last week, after some posts in support of the current USWNT in its ongoing legal battle for equality, she posted excitement to play a new game after school was canceled for her son, Cody. No, she wasn’t gearing up for the release of Animal Crossing or simulating the 2020 Euros.

Akers had a simpler game in mind. 

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School cancelled! THANKFUL I got a new Candy Land game before the mad rush of maniac TP buyers got there! 

A post shared by Michelle Akers (@officialmichelleakers) on

It wasn’t long before Michelle and Cody were battling it out in one of the worst board games every created. 

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Oh. Yeah. Game on#candylandwarriors

A post shared by Michelle Akers (@officialmichelleakers) on

While Candy Land might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Akers has the right idea. We should all take social distancing as a time to sit down with family and reconnect, whether it’s over a classic board game, a 2,000-piece puzzle or video games

But it was more than just fun and games for the Akers family. 

Michelle Akers compared the unprecedented measures taken around the world to the USWNT’s first Women’s World Cup title, saying: “Let’s use this time as a challenge to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.”

It’s an inspiring sentiment if you think about it. Don’t look at social distancing as a burden but as an opportunity to do something that’s never been done before. 

Akers even took the time to respond to a fan who expressed doubts over Akers’ positivity. When @craigtmura replied “I’m sure you’re right Michelle but it doesn’t feel like it this morning,” Akers responded with this bit of insight:

“@craigtmura I’m with you! It’s never easy and at times all seems lost... and for me when that happens... I fall back on things that help me get back on track mentally and remind myself its a process and to take it a step at a time.”

Michelle Akers really is America’s mom. 

Akers also posted a meme about not spreading COVID-19 and some photos of her horses recently. Akers runs a horse rescue and if you remember how awesome Akers was as a player, you should consider donating to her Patreon

Let’s hope everyone follows Akers’ lead, takes social distancing seriously, reconnects with loved ones and throws apples at people who try to get within six feet of them.

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