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The 3 Most Astonishingly Bad Penalty Kicks Ever

Three instances of professional footballers getting penalties so horribly wrong that you’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

A spot kick. It’s from 12 yards out. You can either place it or go for power or just close your eyes and hope. Either way, the goalkeeper is at a massive disadvantage. There’s not much more to it than that. You should try to keep it simple, stupid.

But here are three instances when, for whatever reason, the penalty taker managed to get it all horribly wrong. These are the 3 worst penalties ever taken. 

The 3 Worst Penalty Kicks Ever

Simone Zaza | Italy vs. Germany, EURO 2016 Quarterfinal

This would be one of the more tragic penalties of all-time if it weren’t so damn funny. The stakes couldn’t have been higher: a European Championship quarterfinal between traditional powers Germany and Italy.

A total of seven penalties would be missed during the shootout, but Simone Zaza’s infamously terrible penalty for the losing Italian side is the lasting memory 

“I am sorry to have let the Italian people down. I missed the most important penalty of my life and I will carry this burden with me forever…” said Zaza.


Ivan Rocha | Alaves vs. Valencia, 1998

Ivan Rocha was a Brazilian defender that spent the majority of his career bouncing around Spain, including stints with Valladolid, Atletico Madrid and Alaves. Early in his career, Rocha had a reputation as a goalscoring defender, but this penalty just goes to show that you should leave the duties to an attacker.

Peter Devine | Lancaster City vs. Whitley Bay, 1991

The playing surface at the 1991 HFS Norther Premier League Division One Cup Final was shit, but Peter Devine’s attempted penalty in the match was decidedly shitter.  

Fortunately for Lancaster City, there was some consolation for this blunder.

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