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5 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Club Has Signed A Player

Transfer deadline day is one of the most confusing days of the year for soccer fans. So much information is flying around, it's difficult to keep track of it all. Have my club signed a player? Have they not signed a player? Have they given up? Are they still negotiating? I don't know! No one seems to know!

To help sort through the confusion, we came up with five handy ways to tell if your club has ACTUALLY, signed that big name, or if the signing is just a rumor blowin' in the wind.

The Player Follows Some Of Your Club's Players On Instagram
alexsl | iStock

If a player is going to change clubs, he's going to have to make friends with his new teammates in a hurry. Social media is a great way to get a head-start on this. So, if a player starts following some of your club's stars on Instagram or even Twitter, you can safely assume a deal is imminent.

A "(Player Name) Welcome To (Club)" Video Appears On Youtube

You are not allowed to make these unless the player has actually signed for the club. I read that on the Internet, so I know it's true.

The Player Is Spotted In Your Club's City Or A City Where Your Club Has Offices

Why else would a player be in a town or near an office if he's not DEFINITELY signing for your club?


Local "In The Know" Journalists Report That A Deal Is Done
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These folks have their fingers on the PULSE of a club. They know the ins and outs, the ups, the downs and, most importantly, the names of the players they think the club is going after. They make their livings on juicy gossip, and they would never lie to you, reader.

The Player's Current Club Insists The Player Will Not Be Sold

This is how you know they're desperate. Might as well buy that custom jersey now so you can wear it at the unveiling. You will look so much smarter than everyone else. The Nostradamus of transfers. "I just have a sense for these things," you'll say, but we'll both know how you knew.

The signs were there all along, but it's down to you to notice them.

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