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5 Barcelona Training Drills Coaches Can Use With Young Players

If you are a coach and you want your team to practice and perform like a professional team then look no further. We know that practice makes perfect, so we’ve found the top five training videos created by a team that has demonstrated some near-perfect moments: the one and only FC Barcelona.

The skills and drills of Barcelona’s players can help transform your team into everyone’s biggest competition. 

FC Barcelona Training Drills: Pressure and Possession

Pressure and possession are key skills to master. It’s crucial to put emphasis on possession and short passing in a practice setting. Before adding pressure, allow your players to connect on the field by passing the ball and keeping it on the ground as much as possible. Once the players have mastered the art of passing, throw in a few defenders to increase the pace and pressure. It's common for coaches to have two teams of possession with six or more players competing. If the team is having trouble holding possession, try adding in neutral players. The neutral players will give the team with the ball an advantage, making it easier for them to retain the ball.


FC Barcelona Training Drills: The Perfect Rondo

As stated above, possession is crucial. Without possession a team cannot connect on the field or succeed in making consecutive passes. The rondo is a possession game that works to help your players stay alert, think quickly and move with limited touches. The players on the outside will do their best to control the ball and find an open teammate as the defenders on the inside apply the pressure. The drill is typically setup as a 5v2 or 6v3 putting the defenders at a disadvantage. The basic objective is for the outside group to keep possession as the inside players fight to win the ball back. The rondo drill will force players to act fast, keep it simple and play the way they face. 

Tip: You can make the space as big or as small as you would like.

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Learn The FC Barcelona Rondo Drill From Messi

FC Barcelona Training Drills: Football Tennis

It’s time to get rid of the repetitive drills! Perk up your team with a fun, fast-paced game that will put a smile on each player’s face. Football Tennis is a drill that will not only help your team’s juggling skills, but will also allow them to work on their first-touches. Simply set up a net, grab a soccer ball and add some cones as a boundary. Each player will use any part of his or her body (except their hands of course) to flick, kick, head or volley the ball over the net. The players must keep the ball in motion at all times or the opposing team receives a point.   

Tip: Each team should consist of 4-5 players

FC Barcelona Training Drills: Train Like Andrés Iniesta

Allow your players to watch and imitate professionals as inspiration. In the video above Andrés Iniesta, trains to work on his solo performance. The midfielder focuses on passing, shooting and his ability to switch the field. This routine can be done individually or you can replace the nets with players. Once a player passes the ball to his or her teammate, he or she can switch places and repeat to benefit both players. This drill is extremely important for midfielders in order to help switch the ball and open up the field. Practice like Andrés Iniesta and make some game changing plays.


FC Barcelona Training Drills: Freestyle Juggling

Juggling, something we’ve all seen from our favorite players. It’s a skill no one is born with, but anyone can accomplish. In order to become the player you want to be, you have to take the time to juggle. Even though juggling is not something we often see on the field, it is a skill that helps align your mind and body with the ball. In this video you will see Barcelona players show off their high-class juggling skills. We know what you are thinking, how do they do this?! It’s all about practice. But, for now, start slow and simple. Make it less stressful and more fun by turning it into a game by seeing who can get the highest count!

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