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The 10 Weirdest Goals Ever Scored

After Luca Zidane's embarrassing own goal last week, we've compiled 10 of the stangest goals you will ever see. Starting with the infamous goal itself, for those who haven't seen it.

Luca Zidane's Embarrassing Own Goal

Seriously, this own goal is not one he’s going to forget, and neither will we.

Tim Howard's Amazing Goal vs. Bolton

You might be wondering why Howard didn't celebrate. That's because the same thing happened to him when he was playing with the Manchester United reserves in 2006. He knows how it feels.

Chris Brass Own Goal

If there is anything worse than scoring an own goal off of your own face, already a ridiculous feat, it's the fact that he managed to break his own nose in the act.

Gareth Bale's Face Goal

At least this one isn't entirely his fault, and Bale has grown so much that no one even remembers... right?

If the last two face goals were too cringeworthy for you, at least Chris Wood managed to find the right net with our next selection.

Chris Wood's Brilliant Defending

Before shocking the world and winning the title on the backs of Vardy and Mahrez, this is how Leceister used to score goals.

Dean Saunders Uses The Goalkeeper To His Advantage

This might be the most creative goal on our list, and when he realizes he can't score directly from a throw in, he thinks outside of the box.

Pappiss Cisse's Unusual Goal

After mishitting the ball into his own leg, causing the ball to pop up into the air, he realizes what happened and finishes all in one clean motion. If it were intentional, that might be one of the coolest goals of all-time.

Tomas Brolin

This goal hails all the way from 1995, as Brolin scores off of his face after getting rejected by the keeper.

Sebastian Langkamp Slide Tackle

Who said defenders couldn't make the list? Here we see one of the best slide tackles ever, as it didn't just win the ball back but it burried the ball in the back of the net.

Darren Bent Scores With A Little Help From His Friend

Our final addition is one of the most imfamous goals of all-time, and somehow this goal stood due to a hardly known rule that makes it the referee's responsibility. What makes it even better is when you realize that the beach ball came from the Liverpool supporters!

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