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The 10 Strangest Fields In The World Of Soccer

Soccer stadiums have become the cathedrals of the 21st century. They are sacred places where the initiate go to bear witness to that one thing we all understand: a soccer match.

However, watching a game at one of these particular venues would be unlike the vast majority of your stadium experiences. Some are planted in extreme conditions, and others have peculiarities that are more commonly associated with ground rules in baseball.

These are the 10 strangest fields in the world of soccer. 

Estadio Municipal de Braga | Braga, Portugal
Estadio Municipal de Braga

Estadio Municipal de Braga

@ug_football | Twitter

Finished in 2003 for Portugal's hosting of the 2004 European Championships, the Estadio Municipal de Braga is also known as The Quarry, having been carved from the face of Monte do Castro.

The Float | Marina Bay, Singapore
The Float

The Float

@MrsCarterStan | Twitter

The Marina Bay Floating Platform is the world's largest floating stage. The capacity of the 'ground' is also an impressive 30,000.

The Allalin Glacier | Pennine Alps, Switzerland
The Allalin Glacier
@WorldSoccerMag | Twitter

The Allalin Glacier was the spot for a bit of history in March when amateur teams from Italy and Switzerland squared off at 11,482 feet, a new European record.


The Felice Aqueduct | Rome, Italy
The Felice Aqueduct

Felice Aqueduct


The Felice Aqueduct in the Quadraro district of Rome is home for Atletico Diritti, one of the most inspirational teams in all of Italy.

Stade Velodrome | Marseille, France
Stade Velodrome

Stade Velodrome

@mohammedali_93 | Twitter

One of Marseille's Stade Velodrome or Bordeaux Stadium had to be included after their renovations for Euro 2016. The Stade Velodrome gets the nod with its undulating roof.

The Bulldozer | Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Bulldozer

The Bulldozer

@TheMisterSB21 | Twitter

Home to Deportivo Liniers outside of Buenos Aires, the Argentine club have been playing on this wonky pitch for over 30 years. However, an image from Google Maps resulted in a mandate from the AFA to fix it.


Eidi Stadium | Faroe Islands
Eidi Stadium

Eidi Stadium

@footballmemorys | Twitter

The Eidi Stadium is completely surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean, providing a beautiful locale for football in the Faroe Islands.

Henningsvaer Stadion | Lofoten Islands, Norway
Henningsvaer Stadion

Henningsvaer Stadion

@rainer0107 | Twitter

Based on a remote fishing island, the village has a population of less than 500, the Henningsvaer Stadion is one of the world's best kept secrets.

Ottmar Hitzfield Stadium | Zermatt Mountains, Switzerland
Ottmar Hitzfield Stadium

Ottmar Hitzfield Stadium

@diotifaboca | Twitter

The highest permanent pitch in Europe, the Ottmar Hitzfield Stadium can only be reached by cable car.

Nuevo Estadio Silvestre Carrillo | Canary Islands, Spain
Nuevo Estadio Silvestre Carrillo

Nuevo Estadio Silvestre Carrillo

@estadios_Spain | Twitter

The most beautiful stadium in all of Spain is almost certainly the Nuevo Estadio Silvestre Carrillo in the Canary Islands.

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