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I’m Sorry, But Tobin Heath’s New Teammate Jordan Nobbs Calls Wiener Dogs WHAT!?

Arsenal midfielder Jordan Nobbs said a name of a dog breed in a recent Sky Sports video that has sent me through the roof. The video features Nobbs and Rob Holding in a competition to see who can name more things relating to a certain topic.

The video is quite entertaining, and I highly recommend checking it out.

People were incredibly quick to realize that two players’ names combined is “Holding Nobbs.” Great work by whoever oversaw the casting for this video.

At the 4:30 mark, Holding is challenged to name eight dog breeds in 30 seconds, which he handles with ease. After completing the challenge Nobbs shares that she’s the owner of a Dachshund only she doesn’t call it a Dachshund or a wiener dog.

Mentally prepare yourself for what British people call a wiener dog.

Jordan Nobbs of Arsenal calls wiener dogs WHAT

Sausage dog. God damn sausage dog. SAUSAGE DOG.

My personal rivalry with the people of Britain has officially hit a new echelon when I learned this new difference between American-English and wrong-English.

Americans and the English are always poking fun at each other online, and I won’t let this new discovery slide. Americans saying, “oui love, it’s bloody chewsday innit?” or making fun of British people’s teeth is overdone. We must attack the Brits on their contumelious choice to use the term “sausage dog.”

USWNT ace Tobin Heath recently joined Hobbs and Arsenal this summer. I’m hoping she can lead the campaign to end this sausage dog nonsense.

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