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Jesse Marsch Laughing At British Journalists For Making Fun Of His American Accent Is Glorious

The Ted Lasso comparisons just keep coming.

Jesse Marsch has now recorded two dramatic victories in a row with Leeds United as the club looks to avoid relegation. Marsch’s side coming back from 2-0 down vs. Wolves has earned him a lot of love among Leeds United supporters. The British media is still warming up to Marsch and the Wisconsin native couldn’t help but poke some fun at the journalists who make fun of his accent.

Jesse Marsch Laughs At Reporters

I can’t quite put into words what it is about this clip that I enjoy so much. The silence from the room as Marsch laughs is incredible. Clearly, they weren’t as amused with the playful jab as Marsch or any American soccer fan was. 

The American manager isn’t being hounded by the media like some may think. After his team’s victory vs. Wolves he spoke to Sky Sports for around seven minutes in a fun interview. He managed to mention NFL, “work their butts off” and other American slang in the video.

Marsch deserves some credit for adapting to the environment. He isn’t driving the British crazy by calling it soccer and he uses a fair amount of British terms when describing the game. You can count on The18 to keep calling it soccer.

I know we want to avoid all the “Ted Lasso” comparisons, but one I wanted to bring up that I found funny was a comparison to Trent Crimm. If you haven’t watched the Apple TV series, Trent Crimm is a journalist for the Independent who eventually warms up to Lasso and appreciates the work the American does with the team.

The real-life chief soccer writer for Independent, Miguel Delaney, had this to say about Marsch.

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