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Why Italian Managers Are Better Than Portuguese Managers

Roberto Donadoni and Nuno Manta have spent most of their careers playing and coaching in the countries of their births. Donadoni played many years AC Milan and has coached all throughout Italy, now leading Bologna. Nuno Manta played for Amigos Cavaco and has spent his entire coaching career at Feirense in the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

Over the weekend, both managers showed various levels of control on the sideline. Their reactions to a ball bouncing toward them tell you all you need to know about Portuguese and Italian football managers.

First up is Donadoni. The midfielder who appeared nearly 300 times for the Rossoneri sees a long clearance flying at him. Instead of standing in place and letting the ball bounce over him, he quickly scoots over and flicks a heel out at the ball.

It was a delightful touch, Donadoni passing the ball right back to his team for a quick restart. It explains why Italian football managers have won the last two English Premier League titles (Claudio Ranieri and Antonio Conte). 

Now for Nuno Manta. The Portuguese manager has a slower ball to deal with, but he makes his first mistake in letting the ball hit the ground before trying to control it. Nuno Manta, a former midfielder, then decides he wants use his hands to control the ball. This did not end well. 

Sorry Nuno Manta, that is not how to soccer. 

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