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The numbers are in — Mykhailo Mudryk posted a faster sprint speed than every NFL player this season

New Chelsea signing Mykhailo Mudryk is turning heads with his incredible sprint speed. After one appearance for the Blues, he set the Premier League’s record for fastest top speed of the season. How fast is Mudryk when compared to the speedsters in the NFL? 

The numbers might surprise you.

Obviously, we will mention that the NFL players are wearing helmets and pads which slightly lowers their speed. Still, Mudryk stacks up incredibly well.

Mudryk clocked in at 22.76 mph (36.63 km/h) during his debut vs. Liverpool. That’s also the top speed he posted in the UEFA Champions League. 

The 22-year-old kid from Ukraine has wheels.

How Fast Is Mudryk Compared To NFL Players?

For this comparison we’ll use Mudryk’s speed of 22.76 mph and compare it to the NFL’s Next Gen stats from the 2022 regular season.

1. Mykhailo Mudryk: 22.76 mph

That’s right. Mudryk would have been the fastest player in the NFL for the 2022 regular season. A helmet and pads would likely slow him down a bit, but you can’t deny that the kid is quick. 

(Skip to 0:15 to see his top sprint speed.)

2. Parris Campbell: 22.11 mph

In the final week of the regular season Parris Campbell escaped for a 26-yard rush. The run was clocked in as the fastest speed posted by a ball carrier all season.

3. Kenneth Walker: 22.09 mph

Kenneth Walker held the fastest speed in the league for 11 weeks after he broke loose for a 74-yard rushing touchdown against the Chargers.

4. Breece Hall: 21.87 mph

Coming in fourth on this list is Breece Hall. The New York Jets running back torched the Denver Broncos with this 62-yard run.

T5. DeSean Jackson/Christian Watson: 21.72 mph

Fifth on the list is shared between Baltimore’s DeSean Jackson and Green Bay’s Christian Watson. They’re fast, but not as quick as Mudryk. 

According to Next Gen Stats Jackson was hitting 21.72 mph when he caught the ball. I’m not going to argue with Next Gen.

“But what about Tyreek Hill??” The Cheetah didn’t make the top 10 in the 2022 season, but Hill is faster than Mudryk. Hill set the record for the fastest ever speed recorded by a ball carrier in 2016 when he hit 23.24 mph.

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