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I can’t stop laughing at these commentators’ reactions to game-winning Indonesia goal

If you’re like me then you had no idea that the Southeast Asian Games were taking place right now. However, a late game-winner from 10-man Indonesia against Vietnam has been brought to my attention after the hilarious reaction from the commentators.

Saturday’s game was the semifinal match and Indonesia were going up against the two-time defending champions Vietnam.

Indonesia led 2-1 in the second half but then went down a man after one of their players was sent off in the 60th minute. An Indonesia own goal in the 79th minute looked like lights out for the underdogs, but then came a miracle in the 96th minute.

In the final minutes Indonesia scored with a well-placed shot from the top of the box to book their ticket to the gold medal game. The commentators’ reactions were priceless.

Indonesia goal vs. Vietnam

The victory for Indonesia comes after a hard year for soccer in the nation. In March FIFA made the decision to strip Indonesia of their hosting rights for the U-20 Men’s World Cup after the country refused to host Israel in the tournament. Argentina became the new host and Indonesia were eliminated before ever kicking a ball.

Back in October there was the horrific stampede during and Indonesian league game that saw 135 people killed.

Saturday’s victory against Vietnam offers some brightness to the dark couple of months Indonesian soccer fans have faced.

The gold medal match won't be any easier for Indonesia as they will face the 16-time champions Thailand. The gold medal game will be on Tuesday, May 16.

Here are the full highlights from Indonesia’s win against Vietnam.

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