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A Crazy List Of Celebrities Showed Up To Watch Messi In Los Angeles

Inter Miami and Lionel Messi's latest road trip to Los Angeles brought out all the stars. The game was remarkable not only for the 3-1 victory Miami secured to keep its unbeaten streak with Messi alive, but also for the sheer number of celebrities that turned up to see the GOAT in action. Some of the more notable celebrity fans of Messi who were in attendance included Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, Prince Harry, Tobey Maguire, Will Ferrell, Gerard Buttler, Jason Sudeikis, LeBron James, and James Harden.

The most talked about moment of the night was when LAFC keeper John McCarthy made a great save to deny Messi what would have been yet another amazing goal. While the lead up from Messi and the stop from McCarthy were spectacular, it was the reaction of Selena Gomez that stole the headlines. Here it is in case you've been stuck under a rock or maybe in the mud at Burning Man all weekend:

The celebrities in attendance led to a few other fun moments, like this one when Owen Wilson introduced his boys to Messi and tried to control the chaos that ensued when other fans started to squeeze in:

Or this one when Leonardo DiCaprio tried to make eating a popcicle look cool:

To be fair, he made it look cooler than us trying to look cool eating a popcicle. Which isn't saying a lot.

Someone leaked the full list of celebrities at the Inter Miami vs LAFC match, and it definitely reads like a who's who of Los Angeles. It turns out even A-list celebrities turn into massive fan boys and girls at the prospect of watching and maybe...OK, probably...meeting Lionel Messi.

Here's the full list of celebrity fans who showed up to watch Messi play in Los Angeles.

Celebrity Fans Of Messi Who Turned Up To Watch Inter Miami vs LAFC

  • Alemán - music artist
  • King Bach - comedian
  • BReal, Cypress Hill - music artist
  • Mookie Betts - Dodgers pitcher
  • Connie Briton, actor
  • Gerard Butler - actor
  • Jaime Camil - actor
  • Leonardo DiCaprio - actor
  • James Harden - 76ers guard
  • Tom Holland - actor
  • Bobo, Cypress Hill - music artist
  • Tom Ellis - actor
  • Will Ferrell - LAFC owner/actor
  • Liam Gallagher - music artist
  • Selena Gomez - actor/music artist
  • Brendan Hunt - actor
  • LeBron James - Lakers guard
  • Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers player
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  • Magic Johnson - LAFC owner
  • Mario Lopez - actor
  • Toby McGuire - actor
  • Nas - music artist
  • Ed Norton - actor
  • Glen Powell - actor
  • Rage Against The Machine - music artist
  • Rufus de Sol - music artist
  • Jason Sudeikis - actor
  • Tyga - music artist
  • Julio Urias - Dodgers player
  • Owen Wilson - actor
  • Caleb Williams - USC quarterback

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