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FC Köln Happily Parts Ways With Mosque-Hating Fan

The idiot wasn't completely useless; they did spark an idea for a fabulous alternate kit.

FC Köln scored a huge social media victory after calling out a supporter that terminated their membership with the club in response to a mosque being featured on next season’s kits. The Islamophobic moron really thought they did something with a letter to FC Köln announcing their departure and reasoning. Little did they know that their message would be put on blast on social media.

We’ll get back to the pink jersey in a minute. First, the mosque in question is featured on the German club’s away kits. You honestly need to look extremely close to see a faded skyline of Cologne, which includes the Kölner Mosque.

FC Koln Mosque Kit

The outline of the mosque is under the ‘uhl’ in 'uhlsport' on the kit. The structure is barely visible, but its addition spreads Köln’s message that the club is home to all people.

Köln’s response and condemnation of the ex-supporter received high praise from football fans.

Now, back to Köln’s pink kit concept. No one is quite sure why the ex-fan is so disgusted with the thought of wearing the color pink. Even Köln was baffled.

The more important task is creating a petition to replace Köln’s third kit with the pink one. No offense to Köln’s canary-inspired kits, but the pink wave is supreme.

With the next Bundesliga season starting soon, FC Köln will see if its play on the field is equivalent with its excellent moves on Twitter. The Billy Goats finished 14th last season.

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