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He needs to be stopped — We are tired of seeing Fabrizio Romano ruin every Ballon d'Or ceremony

Do you remember being excited to the lead up of awards like the Ballon d’Or, cheering your favorite players on, not knowing who the winners will be or who will take the awards home? There was something special about waiting months in advance and nervously watching the award show hoping to see that player crowned as the best of the year.

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It was a magical day for world soccer… emphasis on was.

The Ballon d’Or needs to stop being ruined by Fabrizio Romano

Fabrizio Romano needs to be stopped.

Present day, the Ballon d’Or ceremony and some of the other important awards such as The Best, are now ruined by journalists desperately looking to exclusively leak all information in regards to the award. And by journalists we mean Fabrizio Romano.

Romano is inarguably the most trusted social media journalist when it comes to transfers and the latest information regarding the soccer world. His trademark "Here we go" has become a staple to confirming the biggest transfers and news.

However, the Italian has taken his journalistic powers to levels that are practically ruining a side of the sport we once loved — award ceremonies.

In the weeks, days and hours prior to the award ceremony, the widely-renowned journalist and transfer guru leaked and released the winner of arguably two of the most important awards in the ceremony, confirming Jude Bellingham’s Kopa Award, Lionel Messi’s 8th Ballon d’Or and even who was going to hand the Argentine the Golden Ball at the time of the unveiling. 

He even went ahead and revealed that Jude Bellingham is practically confirmed as the winner for the upcoming Golden Boy award.

It was over before it even started.

The anticipation and uncertainty leading up to these types of awards and ceremonies that once was, is now gone and soccer fans around the world have started to complain.

Thousands of fans on social media had a sour reaction to Romano’s tweets releasing information in regards to the Ballon d’Or, complaining about the fact that the Italian constantly ruins award ceremonies and even some of the transfers that, in the past, would’ve been spectacular surprises.

Modern day social media has taken its toll on the soccer world.

Imagine having randomly woke up one day and seeing the official announcement that Cristiano Ronaldo re-signed for Manchester United? Or seeing Lionel Messi making a shocking transfer to PSG after a lifetime at Barcelona? The scenes on those days would’ve been amazing. 

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Sadly, we can just imagine.

Romano will only continue with the habit of constantly leaking and releasing information looking to exclusively become the gatekeeper of all breaking news regarding the soccer world. 

So far, this journalistic method has earned him the spot as the most influential personality on Twitter (X), racking up over 4.2 billion impressions in just a year. Brutal

His success, along with his high stature in the soccer world, will only push other aspiring and competing social media soccer journalists to do the same, wishing to replicate his work ethic on a daily basis. 

Therefore, looking to leak, release and anticipate all breaking soccer news they can get their hands on, all at the cost of fans' past shocking-transfer-and-latest-award-ceremony-unveiling enjoyment.

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