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Hilarious PL promo shows what Haaland has been doing while everyone’s at the World Cup

It’s been 34 days since we last saw a Premier League game and it’s about time it comes back — especially for the sake of Manchester City’s Erling Haaland.

Haaland is one of the world's few top players who missed out on qualifying for the World Cup this winter, and boy, has it been a long month for the Norwegian.

Life has been lonely for Haaland in Manchester

In a Sky Sports promo for the restart of the Premier League, we get to see a bit of what a lonely Haaland has been keeping himself busy with while his teammates battle it out in Qatar. 

He took a break from the goals and began his career as a groundskeeper. He has to earn his wages somehow.

“Celebrating goals alone… it’s not the same.” 

Poor Erling, if only he had chosen to represent England.

England would've still somehow been eliminated.

What’s next for an inactive Haaland?

Haaland currently sits at the top of the Premier League Golden Boot list with a staggering 18 goals in 13 games this season.

After an unorthodox winter break, it'll be interesting to see how leagues around the world and players like Haaland, who had an amazing start to the season, react to either not having much game time or having too much of it on the international stage.

Embed from Getty Images

Regardless, the Sky Blue's No. 9 will have to deliver and keep hitting the net if he wants to help Manchester City to another Premier League title. The Citizens are in second place with 32 points, five behind 37-point leaders Arsenal.

Manchester City returns to the Premier League when they visit Leeds United on Wednesday, Dec. 28.

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