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Epic Fail: Copenhagen Fans Try To Disturb PSV Players With Fireworks, Too Bad It Was The Wrong Hotel

If you stayed at the Radisson Blue Wednesday night you didn’t get any sleep.

Launching fireworks outside a team’s hotel before their big game is a common tactic seen around the world. One of the most iconic instances of this was when Iranian fans threw a party outside the hotel where Portugal’s national team was staying for the 2018 World Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo asked for some sleep.

The fireworks strategy was employed Wednesday night by two different sets of fans across Europe with varied success. Galatasaray fans disturbed Barcelona’s players with a plethora of fireworks to keep the Spanish giants awake ahead of the two teams' Europa League Round of 16 meeting.

FC Copenhagen fans need to take notes. The club’s fans tried to pull off the same stunt with PSV’s players the night before a Europa Conference League game. The fans believed that PSV was staying at the Radisson Blue hotel, but instead they only disturbed some random people sleeping. At least the fireworks were impressive.

PSV’s social team couldn’t help but poke fun at the mix-up and tweeted a hilarious meme of the actual hotel the team was staying at.

The two teams played an exhilarating first leg that ended in a 4-4 draw. Even if PSV doesn’t win on the day, they at least got this massive “W” in the social media world.

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