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Chelsea's Leaked FA Cup Kit Is A Glorious Throwback

Remember the year 1970? That was a fun time right? Nixon ordered the invasion of Cambodia, Apollo 13 safely returned after the oxygen tank leaked, the Beatles broke up... OK, maybe it wasn't that great, but who the hell knows, I wasn't even born yet. 

But one thing Chelsea fans look back fondly on in 1970 is when they won their first-ever FA Cup with a 2-1 win over Leeds United. This is a memory many Chelsea fans, especially those who were alive and remember it firsthand, hold near and dear to their hearts. It has been fifty years since that victory over Leeds and it seems like Chelsea is planning on celebrating the anniversary

A week ago, Chelsea's official Instagram page hinted at a throwback kit:

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21.12.19  #ItsAChelseaThing #ThePrideOfLondon #CFC #Chelsea

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This got Chelsea fans excited about the potential of how cool these kits could be.

On Tuesday, the jerseys were leaked by a Twitter account called OFOBALL:

Chelsea FA Cup Kit 2020

Here is a picture of the original kit for reference:

In my very unbiased Chelsea fan's opinion, these jerseys are awesome. They have the simple design that the jerseys in 1970 had, and the sponsors are a dark blue that almost hides them in the kit.

But my favorite part of the jersey is the throwback crest. That just looks so cool with it contrasted against the navy blue. 

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