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Aaronson shares the time he ditched McKennie on the golf course in humorous interview

The Brenden Aaronson Weston McKennie golf story was the funniest highlight of a 17-minute interview that Men in Blazers did with the Leeds duo and Fulham’s American pair of Tim Ream and Antonee Robinson.

Leeds United and Fulham are America’s favorite Premier League teams as both have multiple U.S. players on the roster. This Saturday the two clubs face off, brutally early at 7:30 a.m. ET, and fans got to see a four-player interview with the Americans.

During the interview Aaronson was asked if he’d ever seen McKennie lost for words. Then came the golf story.

Brenden Aaronson Weston McKennie golf story

Imagine if you were one of Aaronson’s friends and every time you looked behind yourself it was just a lonely McKennie playing golf. Hilarious.

Men in Blazers posted the full interview on YouTube. If I know people on the internet well enough then I bet you might feel too lazy to sit through 17 whole minutes of content. 

To make things easier I’ve added timestamps of some of the bigger topics they discuss if you just want to skim through the video.

Full Aaronson, McKennie, Ream and Robinson interview

2:22: Ream shares the story of when he and McKennie tackled each other in a game.

3:22: McKennie calls Ream old and fragile.

4:55: McKennie shares the story of how he tried to get into Ream’s head during a game with noises, but Ream just ignored him. Ream follows up by calling McKennie a clown.

6:14: McKennie explains his noises as a USMNT inside joke. (The noises are actually from this Vine).

6:40: Aaronson shares what he, Tyler Adams and Christian Pulisic talked about earlier this year after the first Chelsea vs. Leeds game.

9:09: McKennie and Robinson debate who can play piano better.

9:44: Both pairs try to pick the player on their respective teams who has the best American accent.

10:18: The great Cheez-It debate.

10:32: Both duos try to decide which USMNT player they would want to join their club team.

12:02: The golf betrayal.

13:56: McKennie tried English tea and it gave him the runs.

15:46: The pairs debate which club has the bigger American appeal.

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