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The 14 Coolest New European Stadiums Being Built

Europe has a rich history of football and so too is the case with its stadiums. Sadly, the old and classic stadiums that we know and love are becoming outdated.

Some clubs decide to renovate the stadium they currently occupy, while others elect to build new stadiums. The new age of stadium architecture is certainly interesting and, in many cases, easy on the eye. Football fans usually get to see a menagerie of new stadiums every two years or so with the Euro and World Cup cycles, and you don’t often hear about new stadium updates unless they involve big clubs or international teams.

Lucky for you, The18 has compiled a list of some of the coolest new European stadiums (and renovations) that are coming in the near future. This list doesn’t hit every single new stadium coming to Europe, and hopefully there will be another list down the road showing some of the rest.

Here are some of the coolest new European stadiums being built.

Best New European Stadiums And Renovations

Camp Nou (Barcelona)

Nou Camp Nou

Club: FC Barcelona

Capacity: 105,053

Opens: 2023

Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid)

Santiago Bernabeu

Club: Real Madrid CF

Capacity: 80,000

Opens: 2022

Stadio Della Roma (Rome)

Stadio Della Roma

Club: AS Roma

Capacity: 52,594

Opens: 2020

Feyenoord City (Rotterdam)

Feyenoord City

Club: Feyenoord

Capacity: 63,000

Opens: 2024

Stadio Della Fiorentina (Florence)

Stadio Della Fiorentina

Club: Fiorentina

Capacity: 40,430

Opens: 2021

Yello Park (Nantes)

Yello Park

Club: Nantes

Capacity: 40,000

Opens: 2022

Estadi Ciutat de València (Valencia)

Estadi Ciutat De Valencia

Club: Levante

Capacity: 26,000

Opens: 2020

Fossetts Farm Stadium (Southend-on-Sea)

Fossets Farm Stadium

Club: Southend United

Capacity: 21,000

Opens: ?

Plough Lane (London)

Plough Lane

Club: AFC Wimbledon

Capacity: 20,000

Opens: 2020

Kingsford Stadium (Aberdeen)

Kingsford Stadium

Club: Aberdeen

Capacity: 20,000

Opens: ?

Hardturm (Zurich)


Clubs: FC Zurich, Grasshoppers

Capacity: 18,500

Opens: 2021

Power Court Stadium (Luton)

Power Court Stadium

Club: Luton Town

Capacity: 17,500

Opens: 2020

Eco Park (Stonehouse)

Eco Park

Club: Forest Green Rovers

Capacity: 10,000

Opens: ?

Dalymount Park (Dublin)

Dalymount Park

Clubs: Bohemians, Shelbourne

Capacity: 6,000


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