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There Are Two Frankfurts In Germany And Some Benfica Fans Learned That The Hard Way

The entire town of Frankfurt Oder could barely fill the Waldstadion.

On the back of an impressive hat trick from 19-year-old phenom João Félix, Benfica is poised to advance to the semifinals of the Europa League for the first time since making it to the final in 2013-14. The club’s desperate for European success — a feeling that’s directly tied to the curse of Béla Guttmann

Since winning the 1962 European Cup, Benfica has lost eight straight European finals (five in the Champions League, three in the Europa League). So today’s second leg against Eintracht Frankfurt at the historic Waldstadion is an absolute can’t-miss for Benfiquistas

Many are making the trip from Lisbon to Frankfurt, and it’ll be the experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately, a couple supporters also mistakenly made the trip from Lisbon to Frankfurt an der Oder. 

Frankfurt is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a population of 746,878; Frankfurt Oder is a small town in East Germany with a population just over 60,000 — the Waldstadion itself has a capacity of 51,500. 

Fortunately for us, the Benfica fans documented the trip, and Twitter user Alex Truica provided us with their story. Some of the photos are truly legendary, including the fans' arrival in the wrong Frankfurt…

Benfica in Frankfurt

And “Estamos fucked!!!”

Benfica Frankfurt

One piece of good news for the Benfica boys is that Berlin is 50 miles to the west, and it looks like they’ll be watching today’s proceedings at a bar there (it takes about six hours to drive from Frankfurt Oder to Frankfurt Main).

Here are some more tweets from today’s ordeal.

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