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Alexis Sanchez Got The Christmas Decorations Out Early For His Dogs

We all know someone like this: the person who gets the Christmas decorations out the day after Halloween, as if Thanksgiving (A FAR SUPERIOR HOLIDAY TO CHRISTMAS, DON'T @ ME) doesn't even exist.

These folks tend to take neighborhood decoration contests EXTREMELY seriously and wrangle themselves into important roles in all sorts of Christmas-related events. They're leading roving feral packs of carollers, putting the star on top of the tree in the town square, somehow bringing homemade festive cookies to every single Christmas party and wearing sweaters with color combinations generally only seen after taking acid.

Apparently, Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez is one of these people.

Atom & Humber  Gunners  Buy your Arsenal Xmas dog jumper and help @savechildrenuk 

A post shared by Atom&humber (@atomhumberoficia1) on

Let the record show Alexis dressed his dogs up in Christmas apparel two days after Halloween. He did not even dress the dogs up FOR Halloween (as far as we know, in any case he did not put pictures of costumed dogs on Instagram), but somehow Christmas merits preparation nearly two months in advance.

Again, Thanksgiving is better, and I think Alexis Sanchez should atone for this by dressing his dogs up as either turkeys or Pilgrims and putting photos of them online. Yes I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday. I do not care. I just want to see Atom and Humber in pilgrim hats. Much better than Christmas sweaters.

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