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If You Want To Make Varsity This Year, Spend All Of Tryouts Trying To Pull This Off

First things first, I’m not 100 percent certain we’ve agreed on a term for this particular skill. Is it a piece of back heel control? A rabona touch? An inverse rabona? A Nasty Neymar? From henceforth, it should be known as the Ballad of Ahmadzadeh Farshad. 

The skill is most readily associated with Neymar, because he’s an alien on the pitch. In fact, the Brazilian has an entire YouTube montage of controlling the ball with this technique, and it doesn't include any examples from PSG because he prefers using his back to control the ball in Ligue 1. 

But he wasn’t the first or last to attempt it. Since it’s an outlandish piece of unnecessary but hugely aesthetically pleasing play, you know Ricardo Quaresma has gotten in on the action as well. I like this Quaresma example here because he actually uses the skill to move forward down the touchline. That’s great. 

But here’s the man of the hour, Slask Wroclaw’s Farshad Ahmadzadeh, putting his own little variant on the trick.  

What’s excellent here is that he added a little jump while controlling the cross-field raker. I don’t believe we’ve ever seen the pounce modifier. He’s tweaking and boning like a snowboarder out there.  

What’s also good, although not executed well, is that he went straight into trying to pull off an elastico. His game breaker meter was obviously full. 

Slack defeated Cracovia 3-1 to begin play in the Polish Ekstraklasa, which is the place where magic happens

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