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The New 2018-19 Premier League Jerseys, Ranked

It’s almost time for the new Premier League season to kick off. We’ve had the World Cup to fill most of the offseason, but now it’s that boring part of the summer when clubs play friendlies against considerably weaker teams. Everton won a friendly 22-0, so that’s all you really need to know about preseason. Also, the International Champions Cup is on, so there are a few good quality friendlies being played.

But, now to the point of offseason: the new 2018-19 Premier League kits.

Everyone has an opinion on their team’s new kit for the upcoming year. You either really love it or really hate it. Very rarely is there an in-between. Most people end up buying the kit regardless. Now, what if we decided to abolish the point system for Premier League matches and instead matched up teams based on their kits? Wouldn’t that be a crazy idea?

Here at The18, we’ve sifted through all of the kits for the 20 Premier League teams and made Premier League predictions based on the kits. This is how the Premier League table would look if we decided it based on the kits alone. Don’t @ us. 

2018-19 Premier League Kits, Ranked

#1: West Ham United

#2: Everton

#3: Manchester City

#4: Leicester City

#5: Bournemouth

#6: Wolves

#7: Newcastle United

#8: Chelsea

#9: Liverpool

#10: Manchester United

#11: Crystal Palace

#12: Arsenal

#13: Tottenham

#14: Cardiff City

#15: Brighton & Hove Albion

#16: Huddersfield Town

#17th: Fulham

#18: Burnley

#19: Watford

#20: Southampton

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