Mia Kessler


I love the broad reach of soccer, played with the same devotion, intensity and passion in barely heard-of tropical islands, tiny sky-high mountain villages, busy frenetic modern cities, barren empty back-ally lots, fancy perfectly manicured 21st century stadiums, rustic poorly equipped farming towns, icy cold northern places, and steamy hot equatorial locals. I love that the game is played by men, women, boys, girls, of all colors, races, religions, ethnicities, and cultures with no measure other than how fast, how strong, how smooth, how skilled they are.  I am in love with the language of the game. What language? The unspoken language, the one that is spoken all over the world with amazing dazzling moving feet, stronger than steel legs, magical kicks, inhuman lunging dives, bold courageous headers, death-defying saves, and yes, the one spoken word that I love the most: G-O-A-L!!!! 

I am so lucky to have the pleasure of writing about this magnificent sport that provides unity throughout the world at the 18! It brings me the excitement that derives from the possibilities for all of us, for the human race to be brought together. Soccer like music, is that unique positive vehicle, something we all can share and love.