Juan Ortega-Wolfsberger

Video Editor | Intern

Anywhere I go, I’ll find people who’ll share these emotions for soccer, and that’s what I love. Experiencing the game with people who are passionate, strangers who become friends, and listening to the stories of the people whose lives revolve around soccer. It's the greatest game to play and one of the best tools to connect with people.

As a video editor at The18, I want to create videos that will connect with people. Here, I’m allowed to do so much more. The motto of “Be Better” is felt in the air of the building. Not only does it drive me to exceed yesterday's accomplishments in my work, but in my personal life too. Being at The18 allows me to take my video editing skills to the next level, within a community built on following the world's greatest game, that’s what excites me to be here everyday.