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5 Pictures That Will Make You Want Kanye's New Football Boots

It didn't take us long this week to find our new favorite thing: the Yeezy Ace – a.k.a. a souped up pair of adidas Yeezys that were created as part of COPA BASEL, an event held at Art Basel Miami.

True aficionados will instantly recognize the inspiration for these football boots: the Kanye and adidas designed Yeezy Boost 350s in "pirate black."

In case these don't immediately ring a bell, take a gander at these photos of your favorite hip hop mogul rocking them on his way into a meeting that we imagine must have been to discuss which Premier League team to name his second born after. (It's Southampton for those of you too lazy to click. But we're not telling you the kid's name. We can't do everything for you in this life.)

Kanye Walks Into A Meeting On The Phone

You can thank footwear artist Red Ribbon Recon AKA "Jester" and football blog Kicks to the Pitch for the transformation of these flat-soled Yeezies into turf-dwelling Yeezies (someone will have to tell us if this is the correct pluralization of Yeezy – perhaps it is Yeezi). Red Ribbon and Kicks to the Pitch collaborated as part of the COPA BASEL event – a celebration of art and football – to create what they are calling the "Yeezy Ace." Yeezy for obvious reasons if you have paid any attention to the last 200 words, and Ace because the studs on the boot are from a pair of adidas ACE15.1s. Or because they have buried inside them an ace of diamonds. You'll have to tear them open to find out for sure.

Anyhow, a quick review of the images below will tell you that you need to purchase a pair of these immediately for the soccer lover in your life. A limited number will (supposedly) be available on Red Ribbon Recon AKA Jester's website. As of this writing, they haven't appeared yet, so check back soon.

The Yeezy Ace By Red Ribbon Recon & Kicks To The Pitch

Yeezy Ace side view

Close up

Front view

Back view

Bottom view


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