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Xavi Retired Last Season. Barcelona Have Found A New One

Xavi Hernandez is a Barcelona legend. While in the Blaugrana, he won damn near everything there is to win. He retired on top, having been an integral part of Barca's treble win. This begs the question, though, now that Xavi is comfortably living out the early stages of his retirement in the Qatari league, where is the next Xavi? How will Barcelona replace one of the best players in its history?

We have found the answer. Barcelona have found the perfect Xavi replacement. Maybe not in playing style, or temperament, or leadership, but in name. Barcelona already have the next Xavi waiting in the wings.

His name is Xavi Simons. He's 12 years old, Dutch and has more swag than you or I will ever have in our lives. I mean, just look at his hair. What 12 year old gets away with having hair like that?

Only one. Xavi Simons. 

There was a brief scare when Simons was released from La Masia due to some of the transfer ban fallout, but he's back with a vengeance. Payback: this time, it's for real.

Does he compare to his predecessor in Xaviness though? Are their playing styles comparable? See for yourself.

The answer, of course, is we don't know. He's 12. Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

If the next Xavi is anywhere near as good as the old one, though, Barcelona are in business. Time will tell.

Contact The18 Staff Writer Sam Klomhaus at or follow him on Twitter @SamKlomhaus

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