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Why This 21-Year-Old Hot Shot Has England Saying Yes He Kane

Harry Kane is without a doubt one of the biggest English revelations of the BPL 2014-2015 season. Being part of the Tottenham side since 2009, he made his first appearances for the Under-18 squad at Tottenham, scoring an incredible 18 goals in 22 games. This brought him on the radar of the first team squad and, at only 17 years of age, Harry Kane had a bright future ahead of him.

Following his first successful season for the Under-18 team at Tottenham, Harry Kane was loaned to various clubs in England, including Leyton Orient (5 goals), Millwall (7 goals), Norwich City and Leicester City (2 goals).

Back from his loan spells, Tottenham integrated Kane during the 2013-2014 season, during which he made 10 BPL appearances, scoring 3 goals in three consecutive games. At this point it was still not clear that Harry Kane would become the shooting star of the 2014-2015 season.

When Harry Kane’s playing style was analyzed in 2013, he was described best as a second striker who could also play center forward or drift wide. This description is from 2013 and not all that accurate anymore two years later.

Gaining experience with the first team squad in 2013-2014, Kane developed into other roles on the pitch. His pitch appearance became more complete, with him dropping deep or wide in order to ask for the ball. Kane is also not shy of helping out with defensive work, and with “his hold-up game and close control” he learned how to pace a game.

There is more to Harry Kane than just his pace and control of the game. He has developed a keen instinct in front of the goal and fast become lethal when it comes to scoring on promising opportunities. His ability to run in behind defenders or come short make him an even more dangerous striker. And, at only 21 years old, Harry Kane is definitely young, fresh, and still has a lot of potential to grow.

He showed his huge potential and skills this season, scoring an incredible 20 goals in the BPL, along with 4 assists. This makes him Tottenham’s #1 goal scorer and striker, ahead of Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado.

Harry Kane after the game against Leicester City taking congratulations from David Nugent. He is holding the game ball under his arm with which he scored his first ever Premier League hat-trick

Harry Kane after his first ever Premier League hat-trick against Leicester City. (Photo: @premierleague | Twitter)

Praise comes from many, including Alan Shearer, who sees Harry Kane as one of the Top 3 strikers in England, behind Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa. With one game left in the season, Harry Kane ranks second in BPL goal scorer list, only behind Sergio Aguero (25 goals), but ahead of Diego Costa (19 goals).

But if the future will be as bright for Harry Kane as his present remains to be seen.

His great performance in the BPL got him a nomination for the U21 European Championship with the England squad. This comes as a conflict with Tottenham’s manager Mauricio Pochettino.

After a long and heavy 2014-2015 season, Tottenham will travel to Malaysia and Australia at the end of May to expand their market. And Harry Kane has to be on board, as “he is the club’s new poster boy.” For Pochettino, Harry Kane deserves to go to Malaysia and Australia. But then again, doesn’t he deserve to represent the Three Lions in the Czech Republic, giving the England Under-21 squad a chance at winning the trophy?

Well, Gareth Southgate named his squad Wednesday, putting to rest speculation. Kane was included on the 27-man roster, despite the clearly stated wishes of Pochettino above.

The competition will run from the 17th through the 30th of June, and England has been placed in a group with Portugal, Italy and Sweden. 

"We've had individual achievements of players going up to the first team," Southgate said, "but now they can go on and create a bit of history."

History aside, this inclusion on the roster will mean more work, more travel, and less summer break for Harry Kane. But if all the hype around Kane is right, he will recover from this long season and come back stronger, more experienced, and ready to score for Tottenham next season.

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