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Two Youngsters Were Inserted Into A Dead Game. In 5 Minutes They Both Scored Golazos

Jesus “Tecatito” Corona and Jurgen Damm have been on our radar for quite some time. They are 22 and 23 respectively, and are the future of the Mexican national team; it’s hard to not get excited about them, especially Corona. Against Honduras in a World Cup Qualifier, the young Mexican stars justified our excitement. 

The entire first half of the match was brutal to watch. Mexico dominated possession but couldn’t score; Honduras played long balls and resorted to fouling again and again. Tecatico and Damm were nowhere to be seen. They were on the bench. 


Then, in the second half, Tecatito was subbed on in the 61st minute. In the 67th, just six minutes later, he provided the game's first goal, and it was a beauty. 

Che golazo, mi amigo. Here’s some more angles of it.

Not to be outdone, Jurgen Damm got subbed on in the 70th minute and scored just two minutes later. The crowd had barely sat down from cheering for Tecatito’s goal.


In 5 minutes, two of Mexico’s brightest young players were inserted into a boring game and turned it into a 2-0 victory. That’s something to be proud of. 

young mexican stars

Jesus "Tecatito" Corona Celebrating. Photo: @tdn_twit | Twitter

If you want more reason to be excited about the future of the Mexican national team, you should check out the story of an 11-year-old Mexican who was recently hailed as the next Messi. Does he deserve such a high accolade? Probably not, but even coming up short in comparison to the greatest player to ever play the game is still a whole lot better than most players in the world.  

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