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Striker Whiffs Completely, Then Scores The Goal Of His Life

Let this player be an example for us all. No matter how greatly you have embarrassed yourself this past week, no matter how catastrophic a failure yours might have been, you can still make today the greatest thing to ever happen to you.                                                     


As we attempt to take in how our yellow-clad goal scorer has perfected the art of not caring, we must first focus on the context of the initial blunder. We do not know the score, or even if the goal scorer is any good, but we do know that our hero striker found himself in a borderline perfect goal-scoring opportunity, and he proceeded to get it completely wrong. 

For those of you who have never had the displeasure of hitting a ball with your planting foot before whiffing completely with your stricking one, let us tell you this, it is an extremely jarring feeling. One moment you are visualizing yourself letting rip a thunder-bastard to end all thunder-bastards, and the next you are experiencing a sharp pain in your knee as your leg slams straight with absolutely no regard for cartilage integrity. 

This guy’s situation is compounded by the fact that his devil’s touch takes the ball at least another 6 or 7 yards away from him before he can hit it again. But my, what a hit. 

In an act that would have made a sociopath with short-term memory-loss question this boy’s ability to function properly, our yellow clad hero completely disregards his past actions, and decides to rabona the ball. 


Take a bow, son, you turned a moment of embarrassment into the goal of your life. You are an inspiration to us all.

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