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Roberto Firmino And Liverpool Just Got The Ronaldinho Seal Of Approval

If you are a Liverpool fan, you should be pretty stoked right now. Your transfer window has gone from about as underwhelming as James Milner at Karaoke Night, to downright exciting, like James Milner at…well, it’s exciting. Just know that. 

All of the Milner jabs aside, the man is quite a good player, one of the most versatile in the world. He isn’t exactly the Suarez replacement that every Liverpool fan wants but secretly realizes they will never get, but he is a quality signing. One can easily see him and Jordan Henderson bossing a midfield, if not with their passing and skill, then with their industriousness and that aforementioned versatility.

Now, with the signing of Roberto Firmino from TSG Hoffenheim, Liverpool have added a player of creativity equal in magnitude to Milner’s versatility. Firmino is brilliant; he had the third most assists in the Bundesliga last season, and has scored 38 goals in the past 3 years.  

Check out his 13/14 campaign, in which he scored 22 goals and assisted 16 more in all competitions, mainly from midfield:

The dude’s got skills — awesome, Brazilian skills — much like his attacking counterpart-to-be, Philippe Coutinho. Between those two, I think Liverpool has one of the most exciting midfields in the world, and Ronaldinho agrees. 

"For Liverpool to have Coutinho and Firmino is a big achievement for them," he told the Daily Mirror. "It is going to give them one of the most exciting midfields in Europe.

"The creativity, intelligence, and goals they have between them can change Liverpool as a team. It is a big sign of intent. To have a midfield with those two gives them a big chance to qualify for the Champions League next season.

"It is a dream for the Liverpool strikers to have that sort of service. If you can't score goals in a team with Coutinho and Firmino in midfield then you won't score goals in any team. They will create so many chances."

With those two backed up by Milner and Henderson, Liverpool has a midfield that can take it places, but as Ronaldinho said, will it have forwards that know what to do once they get there?

Only time, will tell. 

I still have faith in you, Balotelli. 

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