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Prosecutor Compares Messi To A 10-Year-Old During Tax Fraud Trial

Lionel Messi has been under investigation for tax fraud for so long that it was behinning to feel like nothing was ever going to come of it. But now, with Messi standing trial for four days, and details from that trial being released, it seems like there is a chance some s*** will hit the fan, only a slight chance but a chance none the less.

Prosecutors representing the Spanish government accuse Messi and his father of dodging €4.1 million in taxes from 2007 to 2009 via shell companies in the UK and Switzerland and tax havens in Belize and Uruguay. 

At first it appeared that the charges against Messi would be dropped, because he claimed and prosecutors believed that he had no knowledge that any tax fraud was committed. 

But with the release of dialogue from the recently concluded trial on the matter, we can see that Messi might not get off that easily.


Here’s what prosecutor Mario Maza had to say about Messi not knowing any wrong-doing occurred (H/T ESPNFC):

“It could be that they are inexperienced with tax matters and the law, and are not able to set up their own companies, but they are able to understand what paying your taxes means.

"Even 10-year-old children understand that. And Messi would have to be able to understand that without any problem. In no way am I comparing this kid to a mafioso, but this is the same as a 'capo' of a criminal network."

Maza would go on to question the legitimacy of a deal in which Messi signed away his image rights:

"[Leo] told us that he did not read the documents," Maza said. "I do not believe that, especially as they [Leo and Jorge] visited a notary. Furthermore, they get him to ratify a contract in which he hands over his rights for $50,000. And he does not object at all?

"Even if they were not interested in such matters, surely they would ask some questions? If when the notary begins to read, and [Leo] Messi does not understand, the notary will explain it for him. He knew more than he let on in court."

Those are all good points, but in a trial of such high profile, I would imagine that it takes a bit more that a couple good points to win. 

Let’s not forget just how powerful of a figure Messi is; even if he is found guilty and sentenced to jail, there is little to no chance that he will actually serve that time because of how the Spanish penal system works. As I understand it, Messi is simply too rich to serve any time. 

Those were some good punches, Mr. Maza. We’ll have to wait and see if they actually did any damage.

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