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The Match Was Abandoned, But This Man’s Dream Of Watching Man U For The First Time Didn’t Die.

Have you ever felt like the world was stacked against you? Do you think that sometimes things are just not meant to happen? Have you ever travelled 3,170 miles in order to watch your favorite team play, only for a bomb scare to cause the match to be abandoned?

If you have, chances are your name is Moses, or you are delusional. 

A Man U fan named Moses (that’s all we know him by) apparently made the trek from Sierra Leone to the Theater of Dreams in order to watch his favorite team play Bournemouth. Unfortunately, the match was delayed and then abandoned because of a security threat.

A suspicious package was eventually found, so the grounds for abandoning the match are as solid as they could be, but that doesn’t lessen the blow that Moses must have felt as he realized his dream of watching United wasn’t going to come true. 

A photo of Moses was taken and tweeted by Ian Stirling, the vice-chair of the Manchester United Supporters Trust, depicting a distraught Moses.

Luckily, a few minutes later, Stirling tweeted out the same photo with a caption declaring the Supporters trust would pay for a change of flight and a ticket to watch Manchester United take on Crystal Palace on May 21st. 

That picture of Moses, it’s striking. Here’s a grown man who I’m sure was on could nine since the moment he got on the plane to England. I don’t know if he’s a gregarious smiler or the kind of person that lets joy simmer inside of them until they glow, but I do know that the picture you see above is of a man who is trying to wrap his head around how something so right could go so wrong. It’s not hard to look at him and imagine that behind those sunglasses are misty eyes. 

I can say I felt real relief when I heard that the situation had been made right.

Have fun at the FA Cup Final Moses. I hope it’s a cracker.

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H/T The Sun

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