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Manchester City's Only Chance Of Stopping Eden Hazard

Chelsea and Manchester City are highlighting matchday two in the Premier League and it will surely be a match not to miss. The two English giants have squads that would make anyone salivate over the sheer power and strength they share. Even the players themselves get nervous lining-up across the field from those who are considered the most elite in the sport, and Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany is looking for any possible way to stop Eden Hazard.  

While talking to a Belgian news outlet, the Citizens skipper jokingly said, “You’d almost hope that Eden Hazard would have diarrhea. Now let’s be serious, you can’t underestimate the impact he has on Chelsea. You’ll expect he would have a dip in his performance level.” 

The two Belgians know each other well from playing for the Belgium national team, and Kompany knows first hand how deadly Chelsea’s winger can be. “He’s at a level where he decides how good his team is. Messi and Ronaldo are stats animals. If you look at their talent, you can compare Eden to them. But they score a lot. Unbelievable.”  

Hazard on the ball

Eden Hazard on the ball for Chelsea in their last match against Swansea City. Photo: @TweetChelseaFC | Twitter

The last two meetings between City and Chelsea ended in a 1-1 draw each. Chelsea fans will remember these matches quite vividly after Frank Lampard scored the equalizing goal with 5 minutes left in the match for Manchester City. 

As both clubs are capable of making title winning charges, every point is vital and could make a huge difference at the end of both fixtures. Chelsea will travel to the Etihad Stadium this Sunday for an afternoon kickoff at 4:00pm GMT (11:00am MST). 

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