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Karim Benzema Has Been Spending Far Too Much Time In Court Lately

Karim Benzema has 20 goals for Real Madrid so far this season, but that's not what everyone has been talking about in regards to the French striker.

Instead, Benzema has mostly been in the news for various run-ins witht the law and various appearances in various courtrooms.

We thought everything was on its way to settling itself, but we were wrong. Benzema finds himself banned from the French National Team until his legal troubles sort themselves out, putting his Euro 2016 in doubt.

To recap Benzema's issues: he may or may not have helped blackmail French National Team teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape (that's the one keeping him away from the national team), two years ago he was accused of sleeping with an underage prostitute and apparently a few months ago he appeared as a witness in a money laundering case. Benzema was just a witness in this last case, first reported by French newspaper Liberation.

The case has to do with a company Benzema owns shares in purchasing a small business then selling it on for a substantial loss. From the sound of it, Benzema didn't have much to do with the situation, and will likely not be charged with anything, but it was another day in court for a man who has had too many of those lately.


Oh, and now he might sue Liberation for its handling of the money-laundering story.

Benzema's lawyer, EricDupond-Moretti, spoke to L'Eqipe:

"He is a simple witness." 

"He is the only witness in a case who appears on the cover of a newspaper as if he were guilty of a series of offences.

"The headline is very evocative, look at the words used: 'money laundering', 'organised gangs', 'drugs'.

"I will sue Liberation."

So, more days in court for Karim. Good. That's just what he needs.

(H/T Diario AS)

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