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Just In Time For Your Holiday Wish List, Euro 2016 Kits Revealed

With the European Championships right around the corner, kit manufacturers have begun releasing the official Euro 2016 kits for participating national teams. 

Some of these designs will have you checking your bank account for expendable cash, while others will invariably have you adjusting your television’s color settings come June.

Here's a look at some of the threads the world's greatest will be sporting in France. 

Confirmed Euro 2016 Kits

Spain Euro 2016 Kits

La Furia Roja will be wearing their famous home colors along with blue sleeve cuffs in France. There’s a subtle triangular print all-over the shirt, perhaps calling out to the tiki-taka, triangular passing style of the side.

As opposed to the Adidas Three Stripes being placed on the sleeves, as is traditionally the case, they’re now running down the side of the uniform. Unless change causes you large degrees of personal anxiety, it's a gorgeous innovation from Adidas.

EURO 2016 Kits Spain Home

Photo: @CBSSportsSoccer | Twitter

Spain’s away jerseys have generated a huge buzz amongst supporters. Either you hate the concept or absolutely love it. Is it the residue of regurgitated paella? The afters from eating a hotdog loaded with way too much ketchup and mustard? Or the finest piece of kit design at EURO 2016? 

One thing's for certain: Spain are definitely looking to make a splash after their dismal 2014 World Cup showing. 

EURO 2016 Kits Spain Away

Photo: @thespainreport | Twitter

Germany Euro 2016 Kits

The defending world champions will sport a classic home kit. The white shirt, with black and red trim, is clean and simple. If I were one for cliches, I'd call it an efficient design from the Germans.

For supporters of Germany, the most beautiful aspect of this kit is surely the addition of the fourth star and gold FIFA World Cup Winners Badge.

EURO 2016 Kits Germany Home

Photo: @Cnyari | Twitter

The German away kit is simply ingenious. Dark gray with black hoops and green sleeves, the away shirt is a bold new look for Germany. That's just the beginning. The best part is, the shirt is reversible! Reversible! Yes, the world champions will be wearing reversible jerseys on the pitch.

It's like the lead designer from Starter was asked for his input. 

Inspired by street football, the reversible side doubles as a neon green bib. If you happen to organzie a pick-up game and everyone shows up sporting the new Germany away kit, no worries, you’re definitely in luck.

EURO 2016 Kits Germany Away

Photo: @adidasfootball | Twitter

Belgium Euro 2016 Kits

The top-ranked team in the world will hit the pitch awash in their nation’s colors of black, red and yellow. The toughest decision will be which name and number to go with on the back (Hazard, De Bruyne, Fellaini, Lukaku, Benteke, etc). 

EURO 2016 Kits Belgium Home

Photo: @bellamacak | Twitter

Baby blue, or ‘Vapor Blue’ according to the official release, always works. In the case of Belgium’s away kit, it works exceptionally well. The Belgian flag running across the chest is a nice touch as well.

EURO 2016 Kits Belgium Away

Photo: @footballkitnews | Twitter

Sweden Euro 2016 Home Kit

Zlatan will be doing work, if all goes according to plan against Denmark, in the classic yellow of Sweden. The kit also features the classic Adidas Three Stripes running down the side of the kit, a beautiful contrast in royal blue. After putting Sweden on the world map, it's time for Ibra to put the nation on his back.

EURO 2016 Kits Sweden Home

Photo: @JDFootball | Twitter

Russia Euro 2016 Kits

The Adidas Russia home kit features a classic dark red color way along with an all-over print graphic of the Russian badge. An awesome touch because, honestly, that has to be one of the most badass crests in all of soccer. 

EURO 2016 Kits Russia Home

Photo: @Retro_Sport | Twitter

Russia must know it, because the away kit features the badge's eagle across the front of the shirt. Patriotic, bold and modern - the perfect kit for those looking to support an underdog this summer. 

EURO 2016 Kits Russia Away

Photo: @Retro_Sport | Twitter

Bosnia and Herzegovina Euro 2016 Away Kit

A clean white design, blue trim and an intricate tartan pattern make Bosnia and Herzegovina’s away number certifiably fresh. This is a must buy for any aspiring soccer hipster who extols the deep-lying playmaking abilities of Miralem Pjanic. 

EURO 2016 Kits Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: @BiHFootball | Twitter

Italy Euro 2016 Home Kit

Armani, Versace, Prada and Gucci feast your eyes! Pinstripes and golden details make Michelangelo’s David forgettable by comparison. Who's with me? No?

EURO 2016 Kits Italy Home

Photo: @clydegoal | Twitter

Wales Euro 2016 Kits

Traditional red, traditional Three Stripes across the shoulders - Bale and company aren’t messing around. Leaving the frou-frou designs to the other nations, Wales will be looking pure business in France. 

EURO 2016 Kits Wales Home

Photo: @RMadridHome | Twitter

The Wales Euro 2016 away kit, featuring charcoal hoops and green trim, is certainly a bolder design for the Welsh. Aaron Ramsey shows us that he approves of the demonic colorway with the power of his gaze. 

EURO 2016 Kits Wales Away

Photo: @FAWales | Twitter

Czech Republic Euro 2016 Home Kit

The Czech Republic home kit, fusing two shades of red on the front, features a design reminiscent of the armor you might find on your favorite superhero. Like all Puma kits, it also boasts the kind of fit you might expect from a spandex ensemble. 

EURO 2016 Kits Czech Republic

Photo: @Roromeo_MUFC10

Switzerland Euro 2016 Home Kit

Puma has designed a traditional red and white home shirt for the Swiss featuring both the federation crest and coat of arms. If you’re a supporter of both Switzerland and Arsenal, you’re out of luck. Although I'm sure Puma won't mind taking more of your money.  

EURO 2016 Kits Switzerland

Photo: @Roromeo_MUFC10

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