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Genius Interactive Floor Display Lets Pets (And Kids) Play Virtual Soccer

Ever wanted to play some soccer, but it was snowing outside or you ran out of daylight? Or do you want to keep your pet active while you are away from the house? Well, kids and dogs have it made these days, as they can now play virtual soccer on this interactive floor display. 

What’s an interactive floor display you ask? See below.

It’s a software system that projects images on your floor that respond to motion. If you wave your arms, move your feet or jump up and down, the software will react. A.K.A. You, your kids or your pet can play games like virtual soccer.

Interactive Floor Display - Kids and Pets Play Virtual Soccer

Kids play virtual soccer on Po-Motion's virtual soccer game (Photo: Po-Motion)

Currently, only software is available for consumers to get this interactive floor display to play virtual soccer. Companies do not sell hardware (the projector itself) yet, but a company called ‘LUMOplay’ is trying to produce an interactive projector. They are currently not available commercially and are raising an investment to bring them to the market. You can learn more here.

So, that means you have to buy the software to create this kind of interactive floor display. Luckily, a company called Po-Motion offers this software for use on existing devices. The price ranges from $40-$600 depending on how fancy you want to get. Once you purchase the software for virtual soccer, you will need:

  • A computer
  • A sensor (USB webcam or Kinect for Xbox One) 
  • A display (TV or projector)

You can purchase the software for your interactive floor display below: 

Soccer game #1: $21

Soccer game #2: $32

The18 is hoping to get our hands on one of these babies so we can play virtual soccer without leaving the office – and, for those of us with pets, to see just how well this actually works. Outdoor soccer with a real ball is overrated, right? Nah. But this sure looks fun too.

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