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Did Diego Costa Bite Gareth Barry? The Story In Photos.

Diego Costa says he did not bite Everton's Gareth Barry.

Gareth Barry says Chelsea's Diego Costa did not bite him.

Chelsea interim manager Guus Hiddink says he doesn't know if Diego Costa bit Gareth Barry - but, just to be safe, they should probably watch the Adam Sandler flick Anger Management together.

To summarize, no one involved seems to know anything about anyone being bitten in Saturday's FA Cup matchup between Chelsea and Everton, in which Chelsea lost 0-2. Despite that, one referee and a gaggle of Twitter users seem convinced that Diego Costa did something that looked an awful lot like biting someone and that someone was most definitely Gareth Barry.


Because we at The18 care about the issues of the day, we decided to take a closer look at the photo evidence in search of answers. Answers to the most pressing questions. No, not "Would Donald Trump bite a protestor given half a chance?" but instead, "Did Diego Costa bite Gareth Barry?"

Behold the story in photos.

Did Diego Costa Bite Gareth Barry? You Be The Judge.

1. Looks normal enough. Barry attempts to deliver a passing high five to Costa.

Diego Costa Bite

2. Barry attempts to save the ball from a diving knee drop from Costa.

Diego Costa

3. Uh oh. Apparently Costa really wanted to deliver that diving knee drop to the ball.

Diego Costa Mad

4. Chest bump.

Diego Costa Bite

5. Face attack!

Diego Costa

6. Neck kiss?

Diego Costa bite

7. Technically, this looks more like gnawing on Barry like an ear of corn versus biting him.

Diego Costa Bite

8. "Pssst...wanna hear a secret? I didn't just bite you, OK?"

Diego Costa Bite

9. I hope this moment lasts forever.

Diego Costa

Well, there you have it. Conclusive evidence that something happened which we can be certain was either a bite or an elaborate game of charades in which Diego Costa pretended to be a footballer with a raging mood disorder.

Watch for yourself below and tell us what you think.

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