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Cristiano Ronaldo Brutally Trolled Antoine Griezmann In His UEFA Player Of The Year Speech

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the UEFA Player of the Season, much to the chagrin of one Antoine Griezmann, who thought he merited the win.

Here's what Griezmann told World Soccer earlier this week:

"Without being big-headed, I think I deserve it because I had a great season with my club and with the national team. Maybe I deserve to win the award.

"I think all of the games we [Atletico] won, but especially the Champions League quarterfinal and semifinal.

"And then the whole of the Euros, because it took place in France -- it was wonderful, and unfortunately for us we will never experience that again."


Evidently Griezmann has never watched The Wire, otherwise he would know, as noted by Snoop, "deserve ain't got nothin' to do with it."

Cristiano Ronaldo already knew that, and after receiving the award he burned Griezmann like a nice Creme Brulee. He roasted Griezmann like a Coq au vin. We are running out of French foods so let's move on to the video.

"Oh, yeah, sorry my team beat your team in the two biggest games of the year. No big deal."

From the angle of the video it might not look like it to the viewer, but Cristiano Ronaldo is stabbing Antoine Griezmann and then twisting the knife so it hurts extra. That's exactly what's happening.

The only thing Griezmann has left to hang on to is the fact that the UEFA Player of the Year trophy is really, really weird looking and a sane person probably wouldn't want it in their house anyway.

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