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Brendan Rogers Is The Most Productive Premier League Manager

Liverpool squeaked by in sixth place at the end of the Premier League season, which secured them the last qualifying spot in the Europa League. Brendan Rodgers has walked a fine line with Liverpool’s Board of Directors of whether or not he will continue to lead the Red’s in the future. Fighting for his job is his number one priority, and with no more Luis Suarez and a limited Daniel Sturridge, Rodgers has a lot of goals to make up for. 

Rodgers has been one of the most productive Premier League managers in the transfer market thus far, having signed six players and receiving five back from loan. With the exception of Firmino, all of his signings have been relatively cheap as far as player transfers go. 

Liverpool’s six signings include: Roberto Firmino, Nathaniel Clyne, Joe Gomez, Adam Bogdan, James Milner, and Danny Ings. All of these players have cost the club less than £40 million together, producing a very convincing list of reinforcements to the current squad. Steven Gerrard’s role will be inherited by Jordan Henderson with Firmino, Milner, and Ings playing in front of him as forwards. 

Here is a possible line-up for Liverpool with their current squad and signings together:

Brendan Rodgers began to rework his back four with the signing of Nathaniel Clyne from Southampton, but there is still work to be done. If the 6-1 loss to Stoke City at the end of the season didn’t wake Rodgers up, I don’t know what will. 

Martin Skrtel was Liverpool’s highest appearing center backs, but at the age of thirty, his services at Anfield could end in a few years. Barcelona’s Martin Montoya is amongst Rodgers targets for the summer, as the Spaniard has failed to make a big impact at the Catalan capital. 

Martin Montoya looks to exit Barcelona

Martin Montoya can exit the Camp Nou before the end of summer. Photo: @USfutbolRumors | Twitter  

With almost every club looking to pay the absurd price of £50 million and above for Raheem Sterling, this will give Rodgers the ability to sign a player of Suarez’s quality. Christian Benteke and Harry Kane are favorites for Liverpool as of now, but they could look outside of the Premier League in order to sign a consistent goal-scoring striker. Alvaro Morata has sparked a lot of interest after his success with Juventus in the Champions League, and even Ibrahimovic has announced his desire to take his talents outside of France and possibly to the Premier League.

Alvaro Morata undecided on future at Juventus

Alvaro Morata is undecided on his futire with or without Juventus. Photo: @FootballWeb_es | Twitter

As the squad stands now, they have a very good chance to improve on their previous results from 2014. Finishing in the top four to regain a Champions League position is Brendan Rodgers’ number one goal. 

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