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Alex Morgan's 6 Best Goals Of All Time

As perhaps the most famous face of the United States Women’s National Team today, Alex Morgan is one of the top forwards in the sport. Seeing the number 13 with the ponytail and pink headband couldn’t be more intimidating for opposing defenders – from the first time she announced her presence on the USWNT with a breakout goal versus Italy in 2010. She has an arsenal of skills to get past defenders, whether it being her speed, strength or touch. With 86 career goals, it's hard to pick Alex Morgan's best goals. Below, we've picked six goals that make the top of the list for us.

Alex Morgan's Best Goals Of All Time

1. Fighting To The Finish Versus Iceland (2011)

She can use her strength to seal out opponents to get the ball in a better position like she did against Iceland in 2011.

2. Great Touch Against Canada (2013)

Her touch when it comes to dribbling has come in handy several times. In 2013 against Canada, she tapped the ball to give her room and go around the defender for a better angle at goal.

3. A Rocket Against Australia (2012)

She can cut inside and rifle the ball past the goalkeeper like she did against Australia in 2012.

4. Chip Versus Germany (2013)

Even her first time shots, like her chip over the German goalkeeper in 2013, shows how deadly her touch can be.

5. No Look Versus Boston (2011)

Her goal for Western New York against Boston in 2011 shows that along with her touch, she has an amazing sense of awareness. She’s not even facing the goal when she put this beauty in.

6. Clutch Header (2012)

She’s proven she can be the definition of clutch with her game-winning goal in the second extra time for the gold medal match of the 2012 Olympics against Canada. Alex Morgan rose to the occasion, literally, to header in the game winning goal.

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