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The 2014 Kits Of The EPL

Behold the new kits for the 2014 Premier League. From new sponsors to complete kit redesigns, we put together all 20 teams' new kits below. 

Arsenal- Arsenal left long-time sponsor Nike for Puma this season as part of a five-year deal worth up to £170m.

Aston Villa-A slight change from Aston Villa’s 2013 kit, the home shirt will feature light blue pinstripes, while the away kit is just a simple white shirt. Italian manufacturer Macron are responsible for Aston Villa kits until 2016.  

Burnley- Newcomers to the EPL have a new sponsor this season, moving from Premier Range kitchen appliances to Fun88 (clearly superior to Fun87), a Chinese entertainment company. Home kit is pretty much the same but this season their away kits will be black as opposed to white. 

Chelsea-The 2014 Chelsea home kits are stellar. Adidas added a two-color tone gradient, with their away kits being a Brazil-inspired yellow with blue text. Their third kit is a unique black kit with light blue graphic line design on the front and horizontal lines on the back which can be seen here.

Crystal Palace-The Eagles changed to Italian company Macron from Avec and their 2014 kits feature a drastically different design from their last campaign. The home kit looks a lot like Barcelona with the away kit being predominately yellow with a baby blue twang.

Everton-Umbro took over for Nike for Everton’s kits this season. A clean blue kit with darker blue around the collar is a good look. Everton also has a new patch on their kits this year. The away kits have yet to be released but there are rumors that they may be pink! Here is a leaked photo.

Hull City-Hull City have a new sponsor and shirt maker this upcoming season. Umbro will hold the kit responsibilities for the Tigers for the next four years and betting operator 12Bet will replace Cash Converters as the shirt's sponsor. The away kit has yet to be released but there is a leaked photo that can be seen here. 

Leicester City-For the first time since 2003 Leicester City is back in the Premier League and their new kits for the upcoming campaign are stylish creations by Puma. King Power will be the sponsor once again for the club and the Foxes' shirt features blue as the main color with a nice gold details placed around the kit. 

Liverpool-Their home kit is pretty much unchanged aside from changing the text to white and making the shirt straight red. The away kit on the other hand is drastically different -going from white to bright yellow. Liverpool's third kit is unique and experimental. 

Manchester City-The only difference for City’s new kits this season are the dark blue border around the sleeve and the collar. The away kit this season hasn’t officially been released but there is a leaked image that you can see here

Manchester United- This will be the last season for Nike to have their logo of the biggest club in all of sports. Adidas will take over starting next season, but this season the Red Devils have a new sponsor, moving from AIG to Chevrolet. There is an expected blue and orange kit to be released in September.

Newcastle-Newcastle has only released their away kit for the upcoming season, but it is a nice looking kit that's different from last year's light blue shirt. There are some rumors about what their home kits will look like, which can be seen here. 

QPR-In their return to the Premiership, QPR are making some changes to their kits. Their red and black horizontal stripes will change to thinner vertical stripes, with their home shirt following suit with thinner lines and a lighter blue. The third kit is simply all white.

Southampton-Last season's kits earned vast anger among supporters due to the absence of the signature stripes, but this season they are back. The brandless jerseys look good and supporters should be pleased for the upcoming season.  

Stoke City-Stoke changed from Adidas to Warrior this upcoming season and their home kit is pretty identical to their kit in the 2013/2014 campaign. Their away shirt on the other hand is completely revamped. What was a predominantly black, neon and grey shirt has turned to a bright blue shirt with a navy sash, which was inspired by the club's 1970s kit.

Sunderland-The Black Cats new home kits are slightly different from last year's kits and for the better. The added gold and and black are a nice touch and the away kits followed a lot of other Premier League teams going with the bright blue style. All around solid, clean-looking kits. 

Swansea-With a new diamond logo for Goldenway Global Investments, the Swansea home kits look a lot more different then they are. The kit has a lot more white then last year's and their away kit went away from the purple and yellow to a more intimidating red and black look that came out great.

Tottenham Hotspur- Tottenham changed sponsors this year from HP to insurance provider AIA, but their kits haven’t officially been released by the club. Here are the leaked photos of what we think their kits may look like. 

West Bromwich-West Brom will be leaving the stripes for pinstripes this season. The home kit is the only shirt that has been released so far, but like a lot of the other Premier League teams, the pinstripes are a clean look, despite the break in tradition. The team will return to the stripes next season.

West Ham-Again, pinstripes are part of the repertoire for Adidas’s new home kit for West Ham United. But these are horizontal pinstripes. The away kits are light blue with a blue sash, sort of similar to Stoke’s kit, but West Ham has a good set for the upcoming season. 

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