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The 2014 - 2015 Premier League Ultimate XI

Championship Sunday has come to a close, and the final points have been allocated and confirmed. Chelsea were crowned champions, but there were plenty of other stars in the league that made a big impact for their clubs.

So, to answer the question "What is the best squad that could be assembled today from Premier League stars?," we have created an Ultimate XI squad from the Prem. Below, we go in-depth on why each of these players would fit into a squad that could produce a golden season.

Starting XI (4-4-2): GK - Joe Hart. DEF - Cesar Azpilicueta, John Terry, Jose Fonte, Nathaniel Clyne. MID - Alexis Sanchez, Nemanja Matic, Cesc Fabregas, Eden Hazard. FWD - Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero. 

  • Joe Hart Joe Hart - It’s a tough choice between the two Manchester keepers. Joe Hart receives our vote only fractions above De Gea because of his clean sheet and consistency throughout the season. On top of winning the golden glove for the best statistics, his leadership qualities on the pitch help keep his back four in check. De Gea struggled at the beginning of the season with a new manager, and his unfamiliarity with what formation to stick by ultimately hurt their clean sheet record early on.
  • Cesar Azpilicueta Cesar Azpilicueta - The Chelsea left-back, known as Dave amongst his teammates because of his complex last name, has been a key component and regular starter for the Blues throughout the year. His ability to fly up the wings all ninety minutes with Ivanovic paralleling him on the other side gave Chelsea the upper-hand when it came to break aways. He was named player of the season by Chelsea last season and has continued to prove his worth even more this year after Filipe Luis came to the club with the possibility of claiming his position.
  • John Terry John Terry - Chelsea captain John Terry has played every minute of every game this season, proving former manager Rafael Benitez wrong when he said he wasn’t sure if the England international could play two games in one week. Not only has he played every match for his club, he became the highest scoring Premier League defender, scoring five this season, while keeping 23 clean sheets since the season started. He has been the heart of the Chelsea defense and will continue to do so after signing a one-year contract extension into 2016.
  • Jose Fonte Jose Fonte - Southampton rivaled Chelsea’s defense throughout the entire season by only conceding one more goal, 33, then the Blues. Since their arrival to the Premier League, they have slowly become contenders for the title due to a solid defense. Similar to John Terry, Fonte captained all but one game during the 14/15 season, only missing one because of a yellow card suspension. Though he was short on goals from previous seasons, his 15 clean sheets stands out statistically.
  • Nathaniel Clyne Nathaniel Clyne - There is definitely a pattern of Chelsea and Southampton players in the back, and to finish off, Nathaniel Clyne assumes the position of right-back in this Premier League Ultimate XI. Clyne’s recent success with Southampton has earned him a spot in the England national team, and has started turning the heads of top flight managers looking to get his signature in the future. Both Clyne and Fonte played together at Crystal Palace before joining The Saints and could attribute their solid partnership from a long history together. Nathaniel Clyne scored three goals this season in thirty-five appearances.
  • Alexis Sanchez Alexis Sanchez - Possibly one of Arsenal’s best signings of the season, Alexis Sanchez made his name known very quickly throughout the league after leaving Barcelona. He is a refreshing sight to Gunner fans after watching Ozil have a very slow start when he joined in 2013. Sanchez was the fifth highest scorer in the league with 16 goals and 8 assists, and the highest scoring player for Arsenal. His technical skill and quick pace that was fine tuned at Barcelona was a major factor in Arsenal’s boost in play having lost Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere to injury.
  • Nemanja Matic Nemanja Matic - To be honest, Chelsea are lucky to have signed Matic for a second time after deeming him unfit for the first squad only three years earlier. Ultimately, Chelsea lost roughly twenty-five million Euros after selling him to Benfica for three million and purchasing him back for 27 million. Nonetheless, Matic has become one of the best defensive midfielders at Chelsea and in the league. Though he hasn’t scored any screamers like he did in Portugal, he has won the most tackles (101) in the league and completed fourth most successful passes (1986). His first season back in London has impressed everyone, especially Jose Mourinho, and will most likely become a key player for years to come at 26 years old.
  • Cesc Fabregas Cesc Fabregas - Another former Barcelona player that shipped out this past summer, Fabregas has been just as vital as Alexis Sanchez in his respective role alongside Nemanja Matic. After rejecting the opportunity to play for his former club Arsenal again, the Spaniard has created a new life in the Premier League with the color blue. He is simply a magician in the midfield creating goal scoring opportunities that were thought to be impossible from a spectators position. Fabregas was first with most amount of successful passes (2336), the most amount of assists (18), and second to Hazard with most chances created (95). There is simply no comparison to Fabregas this season.
  • Eden Hazard Eden Hazard - PFA (Professional Footballers Association) Player of the Year winner Eden Hazard is an obvious choice for the Ultimate XI. Possibly one of the most technically gifted footballers in the world, his name becomes closer and closer to Ronaldo and Messi each season. There is a reason why Jose Mourinho put a price tag of ₤100 million per leg for anyone interested in signing the Belgian. Some argue that his lack of goals and assists make him a player that is over exaggerated, but watching his brilliance come to life on the pitch speaks volumes about him. Whether it is a cheeky rabona kick into the center of the box, or a subtle touch that puts a defender on its side, Eden Hazard is very deserving of all of the accolades he has received this season.
  • Harry Kane Harry Kane - The young persons PFA winner this season has taken the world by storm, and kept Tottenham’s hopes high after finishing fifth in the table. Kane was discovered by former boss Tim Sherwood during his youth. It was only until this season that he was consistently named on the team sheet and even made his England debut, scoring minutes after being substituted on. Harry Kane finished behind Sergio Aguero for most amount of goals scored in a season with 21 in the Premier League and 31 in all competitions. His explosion into top flight football has had Real Madrid, PSG, and Manchester City turn their heads in hopes of signing him at the young age of 21. Whether or not he decides to stay at White Hart Lane, expect to see him grow even more than he has this season.
  • Sergio Aguero Sergio Aguero - Starting alongside Harry Kane could be no other than Sergio Aguero, highest scoring player of the 14/15 season and recipient of the golden boot award. One of Messi’s best friends and fellow Argentine teammate, Aguero knows his way around the ball and proves it every time he steps foot onto the pitch. He has scored 32 goals and 11 assists in all competitions, scoring in some of City’s most desperate times like his hat-trick against Bayern Munich in the Champions League. If it weren’t for his ligament injury in the middle of the season, he could have easily challenged Luis Suarez for most amount of goals scored in a single season.

The players above combined for a total of 97 goals and 57 assists in the Premier League alone. All of their contributions have created a fantastic season to watch each week.

Who is on your Ultimate XI list? Drop a comment below to share with us your best Premier League players of the 2014/15 season.

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