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The 10 Most Valuable Kits In The World

Let's face it: the world of soccer is as much business as sport. And business is booming for top clubs today.

This month, ESPNFC released a comprehensive ranking of the value of kits for both the Premier League and Europe as a whole. The series is broken into two parts: the first of which ranks the value of Premier League kits, and the second of which ranks kits from across Europe – culminating in a top 10 "power ranking" of the teams that command the highest premium for the manufacture and sponsorship of their uniforms. As well as being just plain fun to scroll through, ESPNFC's infographics are packed with information about how much manufacturers like adidas, Puma, Nike, Umbro and others are willing to pay for the priviledge of supplying each club with their gear (and, of course, licensing their names), as well as how much top sponsors like Chevrolet and Fly Emerates are willing to pay to have their names appear on these jerseys.

ESPNFC ranking of Arsenal's kit

(Photo: ESPNFC)

ESPNFC's ranking of the top 10 kits from across all of England and Europe, which appears in the second article of the series, is based on a breakdown of how much revenue a given club earns on an annualized basis from its manufacturer deal and sponsorship deal combined. And in an era where teams have looked to diversify revenue streams - allowing them to spend astronomically on purchasing top players during key transfer windows during the year - it's clear that a single kit deal can command a staggering premium. Below, we provide a snapshot of the top 10 most valuable kits in the world as ranked by ESPNFC, but be sure to check out their interactive graphics as well.

Top 10 Most Valuable Kits In Europe

(Photo: ESPNFC)

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